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SAM MUNG SHIGA (News from Shan State)

Sam Mung, Mung Mau Dung (8) ni a ginra hta myen ni a dap (130) hpe Shanglawt Asuya hpyen hpung ni hte Sam hpyen hpung ni jawm pawng na gasat taw ai lam buga de na ni shiga jaw wa ai. Mare na La Wa ngan ni yawng hprawng makoi mat ai majaw mare kaw ngam taw ai Nu num ni, Num ma ni hpe Porter lahkawn la taw ai nga na lu ai, woi mat ai ni hpe mung ya du hkra dat ya ai lam n nga shi ai lam matu shana wa ma ai.

Alliance of ethnic armed groups SSA and KIA are fighting together against offensive Burmese military No.130 in Mung Mau Dung (8) area in Shan State.  Men and youths from the surrounding villages run away into the forests in order to avoid Burmese troops forcing them deliberately to do porterring and placing them in the battle front lines as a human shield. Women and children left in the villages are being arrested and brought into the Burmese Army bases to do porterring, until now no one has heard of their return yet.


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