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Out of 15 associations in Kachin Baptist convention, 10 have been devastated by the regime government so far. All the Kachin villages have become desolate places. Villagers’ livelihood has been destroyed; their belongings have been taken away as booties by the regime soldiers in more than one hundred villages. More than seventy thousands are at refugee camps. The rest of the Kachin population in towns, cities still stays at home, but they are like under-house arrested. They cannot do their livelihood. Typically, Kachins earn their living working in the countryside. By grace, humanitarian organizations, International communities, and some institutions have been providing the refugees food and shelter. But now, towns, cities dwellers are beginning to face shortage of income and food, too. The life of Kachin people has been restricted inside or outside the cities. Many of them are beginning to mortgage their houses and homes. When regime soldiers meet travelers in the buffer zones, they ask the travelers if they are kachins or non kachins. These soldiers let go non-Kachins but stop kachin travelers and put into jails, torture, dress them uniform, use them as human shields or potters in the battle. The soldiers have even killed several motorbike riding travelers by mistake in different areas. In fact, this is lexical cleansing of the regime government on Kachin people. Since the land of this small Kachin population sandwiches between non Christian countries of China, India and Burmese, these giants neighboring countries are also deliberately conspiring against small Kachin society and applying ammunition to wipe out small Christian society. In doing this, Chinese will harvest the natural resources freely, if Kachin population is crashed. With all these reasons Kachin people no longer see China and India honest looking at their immigrants living in Kachinland. Without these business people, regimes will have gone long ago. As Wang Kya Pou, Chinese prime minister said, “Mainland China is responsible for the wellbeing of these outside Chinese immigrants.” To protect the right and privilege of the Chinese in Burma, China supports regime all that they can, so as India. For the freedom and independence of the Kachinland, it is too hard for Kachins alone to struggle against these giant nations, but Kachins will never give up. When Kachinland is free it will be easy to free all other minorities, including even Tibet plateaus. Being in the middle of the two most populated nations, Kachinland is the most strategic point of these areas.

This is critical situation for Burma. It is very important that western leaders do not take in what this whitewashed regime says. In the news, magazines, there is news about the changing of Burma, but that is in their Burmese ethnic regions, not in Kachinland. They close the door to Kachinland for foreigners and make all sort of presidential lies. The president is only the puppet to deal with the leaders, but militarists are doing different jobs, they even use chemical weapons in their heavy shellings that are quite different to what president says to the international community. Their intention upon ethnic minorities is unchangeable unchanged. So, Western countries, The United States should stand on the side of ethnic groups and help Kachinland free directly if the west wants to see the genuine democracy in this region. Concerned leaders should not take time too long to provide KIA with ammunition directly. Then, KIA will not need much intervention of International Community. They will get back their land on their own. What the KIA needs now is ammunition. It is no use of having modest consultations with Burmese regime because they are not different from Somalia pirates or bandits. For example, they themselves explode bombs in the city centers to impose martial laws and arrest the people they suspect. They seize and imprison the civilians for hostage to bargain with western leaders, in order to have sanctions free. As the whole world sees, they have unwillingly acted out to a couple of western leaders’ demands, but what they have done is just to get what they want in order that they may be able to bully the weak worse.

During the Second World War, by the time, America joined alliance and saved Europe, Nazis had already wiped out millions of Jews. Today, world leaders should not let the same story repeat into this small Kachin society before it is too late. This Kachin society, though small, should also enjoy peace and prosperity managed by the leaders of the global society, but definitely, not by the regimes.
In the opinion of ethnic minorities, western leaders have been heroes in saving the countries and balancing the world since World War II. They still have a great hope on western leaders. They look up to them to live up to their reputation especially while these ethnics are in trouble. Unless Democracy countries and The United Nations help this small nation out of conscious decision in this critical situation, their role and attempts in global society will simply be fruitless propagandas.

For Kachin society, this is Armageddon war. This is too small to compare to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, but for Kachins this could be the last war. If regimes lose Kachin will survive. If regimes win, Kachin will be finished, later on other ethnic groups will suffer the same fate because in the regimes top secret, they are to wipe out Kachins. While they are eliminating Kachins, they are to offer artificial peace-process to other ethnic groups. When Kachins are gone, they are to take Karen ethnic groups for the second. This top secret came when old Burmese saw British began to use hill tribe people in some of their management. The old Burmese began to see hill tribes as their future rivals. Then, an old Burmese activists group of colonists called “Takhin youth” meaning ‘the lord youth’ organized this secret plan of Burmanizing the country into one single race and single religion. Since then, this secret plan has been handed down by “Takhin youth” from the last moment of British colonels down to the present regimes. The regimes have changed groups after groups, but the top secret remains alive. After all these things, it will not be possible for Kachins to be living in union again because the regimes have imprinted racism to thousands of their young elements of different sectors. It is important to help the Kachinland free and stop all sort of boosting the terrorist Burmese regimes.


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