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A place where May-Hka and Ma-Li-Hka combine
Little birds’ heart and national icon
Complete with various resources
That place was sold by evils to Dragon believers

Believers greedily need natural resources want to build Giant
Gardens, forests and farmlands are deteriorating
From underneath to top of the tree’s fruits and seeds are swallowed
Gold, Iron, Teak and animals are moved to them

They bring to birds sorrows, fright and darkness
Drugs, opium and poison are spreading there
Birds are forced to move from their forests
Birds failed to return to their nests

Giant eats huge of acre soils
And Giant digests millions of megawatts
If accidentally Giant will be dead
One-third places will submerge and kill little birds

Birds’ brothers and sisters can not wait and watch
Together perch and chat on one branch
Leaves start swinging and wind become strong
Under the shadow of “Save the Irrawaddy”

Head of evils give a dream to the little birds
Giant will not appear within its term
Still can not eat and sleep well
Little birds speak out “Ow!! Irrawaddy…… Irrawaddy ……”

By Latsen


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