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June (23) bat Kru
Jinghpaw Mungdaw Myitkyina Jan Mai Kawng hpyen yen dabang na myen balik ni rim woi mat wai Slg. Brang Shang hpe myen hpyen ni gaw Myitkyina mare hkan bawm kapaw ai lam galaw ai re ngu maja jahkrit shama rai hkam la shangun nna Myitkyina mare kata hte Mali hka mahkrai hkan dun hkawm let bawm hkam ai zawn rai hkang kum la ni galaw madun shangun ai lam na chye lu ai. Ya yang myen hpyen asuya gaw Brang Shang mying lu ai Jinghpaw ni yawng hpe hkan rim taw ai lam na chye lu ai. N dai Brang Shang mying mying ai ni hpe hkan rim hkawm ai lam gaw, laiwa sai shata hta Talaw Gyi mare kaw myen de hprawng shang mat wa ai Sam (MHH) ni kawn mare hkan bawm hkam hkawm ai gaw Shanglawt Hpung na Brang Shawng ngu ai wa re nga nna tsun hpaw dan ai majaw ya na zawn hkan rim hkawm ai re lam matut na chye lu ai.

Burmese polices have arrested Mr Brang Shang from IDP camp Jan Mai Kawng, Myitkyina Kachin State. The local polic accued Mr Brang Shawng for the crime he did not committed and being threaten and force him to admit falsely the past several boming in Myikyina capital city of Kachin State. The GOVERNMENT of BURMA’s local polices have bring  around Mr Brang Shawng to within Myitkyina city and Mali Hka bridge to acts as though he was planting the bombs according eyes witness reports and other sources. Another confirmed source reported that Burmese local police in Myitkyina arresting all Kachin civilian has bear the same name call Brang Shawng as a suspect. This acts of police has outrages among many local Kachin people. Burmese police, army and government always do this kind of foolishness to Kachin people, other ethnic people as well as to its own Burmese people such as army generals, monks and civilian. Then put them in jail for no charges, no evidence, no crime that they committed and worse still fighting for freedom and nobel peace winner like Aung San Suu Kyi was under house arrest for over 17 years, what’s more to other citizen of Burma have no right and living under oppression.


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