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July (17) bat Lahkawng
Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Dap Ba (5) ginra Myitkyina-Manmaw lam Laiza hte Daw Hpum Yang lapran na Bum Sawn Bum hta KIA dung (24) na pawng hpawm dap ni hte myen asuya hpyen hpung ni dai hpawt daw hkying (6:00am) ten ram hta laja lana gap gasat lai wa sai lam na chye lu ai. Tinang KIA myu tsaw share ninghkring ni hta hkala n ba n nga ai lam, myen hpyen maga na hkala ai lam nga ai rai tim a tsawm hkrak n chye lu shi ai.

There was another fierce fighting between Burmese army and KIA troops due to Burmese army intrusion into KIA control territories. The fighting took place on 17JULY2012 at (6:00am) in Bum Sawn Bum located between Laiza town and Daw Hpung Yang Town under KIA 5th Brigade control territory. Due to Burmese army intrusion, 24th KIA battalion forces have well defended against enemy attacked. There was no casualty from KIA troops but the fighting wounded unknown numbers of Burmese soldiers according to front line report. The Burmese army and regime government is still continuing attacking and planning major attack to capture KIA administrative areas. Burmese Army and regime government has no genuine intension for peace or national reconciliation with KIA or KIO and Kachin people and other ethnic races in Burma. Since June 2011 Burmese army has started attacking against KIA and Kachin people for the intention of invasion Kachin Land for ethnic cleansing and natural resources. After one year, the fighting still continue and intensify to disarm or capture KIA, this will never solve the problem or achieve peace with Kachin people and other ethnic races in Burma.


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