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Junly (6) bat Manga
Myitkyina-Janmai Kawng Hpyen Yen Tsinyam Dabang (IDP-Camp) na slg. Lahtaw Brang Shawng hpe mara kata rim zingri nga ai kaw na lawan dat ya na matu, Myitkyina mare e daini hpyen yen tsinyam masha ni hte makam masham hpung sara ni yawng hpawn marai 2,000 mi daram Myitkyina mare kaba lam ningmaw hku yan ganawng shawa n-gun madun lai wa sai.
Daini na shawa n-gun madun ai lamang hta Buga Hpung 30 jan na ni mung shang lawm ai lam na chye lu ai. Myitkyina myo kata e, n dum n dam majoi mi nga nga ai Myen, Sam, Miwa, Kala masha ni mung Myen hpyen gumshem ni a n hkru n shawp ai lailen hpe grau mu mada chye na let su hprang wa lu sai. Myen Asuya ni chyawm gaw, ndai lam ni mungkan de n bra lu hkra lai sai bat kaw nna internet line ni mung yawng pat tawn da ai lam mung chye lu ai.
Daini Munghpawm Myanmar Mungdan gaw democracy mungdan n rai; hpyen gumshem mungdan she rai nga ai.  Asuya n lu ai mungdan hte bung nga ai.  Jinghpaw Wunpawng sha ni hpe myi di tawn nna roi rip ai lai rai nga ai. Mungkan ting na Jinghpaw Wunpawng sha ni yawng myit hkrum let, ning re ai n hkru ai hpyen gumshem lailen hpe rawt malan kau saga law.
Sumlut  Naw
Pang Madi

There was a peaceful Public demonstration on 06 July 2012 in Myitkyina Capital City of Kachin State Burma to demand for immediate release of Mr. Lahtaw Brang Shawng was being arbitrarily arrested by Burmese Government police intelligent officers.  At that time of arresting he and his family are staying in Janmai Kawng Internal Displace Persons camp (IDP) under the care of Kachin Baptist local Church. Then he was brutally torture by Burmese government police and secret officer for the crime that he did not committed of the past bombings against Kachin civilian homes and targeting Kachin civilian in Myitkyina Kachin State Burma. In fact the crime of recent bombing of Mr Dayau Tang Gun’s home and other bombing  was committed by Burmese army and secret officers directed by Regime government, they must held responsible for the crime against Kachin civilian. The bombing killed many Kachin children and civilian, many lost their love one, homes being destroyed by bombing, property looting and arbitrary arresting many Kachin civilian by Burmese government and secret office. Myanmar regime government has made accusation then arrested Mr. Dayau Tang Gun for bombing his own home, the home owner who lost all his properties, his children being killed and other children who stay in his home. This is tradition of Myanmar government to accuse innocent civilian to cover up the crime of killing committed by Burmese government themselves.  The Burmese government then usual arrest innocent civilian then torture, force to admit them the crime that they did not committed. About 2000 participants joint demonstration to express Kachin public concern and demand for immediate release of Mr Lahtaw Brang Shawng unconditionally. He was staying in Janman Kawng (IDP) camp with his family for safety because of civil war started by Myanmar government and Myanmar army against Kachin people. Thus amny Kachin people displaced from all over towns and village for safety and shelter. THe Janmai Kawng (IDP) camps are directky taking care by Kachin Baptist Chuch Myitkyina with local Kachin as well as the supports from all Kachin people to help (IDPs) in time of needs.

Today on 06 July 2012, demonstration is participated by over 30 local churches believers and local people from all over Kachin States. The participants represent Kachin people political situation in Kachin State have mainly express peacefully and demanding for  Mr. Lahtaw Brang Shawng immediate release unconditionally for the crime he did not committed. The Kachin people also demanding to stop immediately human right violation and crime committed by Burmese government and army against Kachin civilian such as arrested and torture, brutal torture, gang rape, looting, burning homes, bombing and shooting Kachin civilian without discriminating unarm civilian. Report also cited that local Kachin resident of Myitkyina such as Shan, Burmese, Chinese, Indian are aware of Myanmar government violation and brutality against Kachin people and other ethnic living all over Burma. However Burmese government has blocked all internet access in one week agao in Myitkyina to stop the news about Peaceful demonstration from spreading to international media and to abroad.      

The report also cited that today  Burma is like without government and lawless country as well as still under military dictator rule with guns point against its own nation in spite of the surface reform in Yangon only to lure international investment and avoid further international sanction as well as possible UN security council confrontation against Burma army. Today Burma regime government and Burmese army is turn their blind eyes against arbitrary arresting, killing, genocide and torture against Kachin civilian for the purpose of ethnic cleansing. Thus, the regime and army joint hand together to perpetrate the USA, UK and the international community with surface reform of Burma to cover up their crime and civil war in Kachin States. Therefore we Kachin people in Burma and all over the world are united as one people and stand against Burmese regime and army dictator oppression against Kachin and other ethnics in Kachin State, Burma.  


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