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18 January 2013: 10:30 AM Myanmar Local Time.

Dear all, the fighting this morning near Laiza, the headquarter of KIO, also known as Central Division  is so close to the residential area, and even the noise of gun shots are hard now. 

IDPs in the (5) camps inside and outside Laiza with (12,000) population have no place to run but remaining in same camps, to be ready to enter to the bankers, and some to hide in the rocks. There are also about (12,000) local residents who will need to be evacuated together with the IDPs. So, there will be about (24,000) persons to be helped.

The motor shielding near Jan Mai Bum and Lagat Bum in Mai Ja Yang, Eastern Division is also so close by this moment. There are (9,700) IDPs in this zone, plus about 10000 population from Mai Ja Yang and near by villages to be evacuated in case of the severe clashes in Mai Ja Yang. (only about 7 miles away now)

No information yet from other division. 

Dear UN and Humanitarian organisations, please prepare to support a total of (45,000) population (IDPs + Host Communities) in the Eastern Division and Central Division. 

Mai Ja Yang


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