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I. Two volunteer Teachers case.
II. 2nd Sexual violence case in two days by Tatmadaw (Govt army)
III. List of IDPs and situation in Hpakant, Jade Mine area

I. Two volunteer Teachers case.
The bodies of two volunteer teachers who were raped, tortured and killed are arriving Myitkyina, Kachin State at AD 2000 Hall this evening on 21st January 2015. Funeral will be tomorrow on 22nd Jan 2015 led by Kachin Baptist Convention in Myitkyina.

On 19th January 2015, total of 2 volunteer female teachers belong to Kachin Baptist Convention were raped, several tortured and killed by the Govt Army (Tatmadaw), Light Infantry 503, led by Frontline Commander Aung Soe Myint under Battalion 88 troops at Shabuk-Kaunghka village, Mungbaw Sub-township.

II. 2nd Sexual violence case in two days by Tatmadaw (Govt army)
20 January 2015. around 12 Noon Myanmar Standard Time.

A woman of 30 years old from Hku Maw village, Hku Hpeik Village Track, Namtu Township in Northern Shan State was almost raped by a solder from Government Army Battalion 77. As she was shouted loudly, the soldier attacked her and almost killed while her neighbour herd and found her. She survived as more villagers ran to the site. She got medication for injuries and returned back home this morning (21 January 2015).

III. List of IDPs and situation in Hpakant, Jade Mine area
Situation is still very hot in Hpakant area todate. Tatmadaw (Govt Army) block all roads and villagers are still trapped.

20th January 2015 List of IDP Updated in Jade Mine area: Hpa Kant - Uru Seng Maw

Aung Bar-le village is not under controlled of Tatmadaw, that they can not go out, or, outsiders can not come and evacuate them  to safe area. Independent Media does not get permit, so as Peace Talk Creation Group. The church groups are trying to communicate them but no access. However, Tatmadaw distributed a few food to the villagers and Tatmadaw own media Myawaddy is there in the village together with the troops.

Other affected villages
1. Tanggau, 2. Bawsadi, 3. Yongcho, 4. Ginsi

Venue of IDPs

Ginsi Hall - 1515
Ginsi Villagers (hosts) - 1000+
Ginsi Baptist Church - 712
Catholic church - 253
Lisu church - 80
Buddhist temple - 470

- Ginsi village is now short of food. Villagers are not allowed to go outside the village. Tatmadaw (Govt Army is blocking the village).
-  Around 300 students can not attend school
-  Church groups and social welfare civil society organisations are not allowed to go to the village although they have been trying since 16th Jan 2015.
- Peace Talk Creation Group also tried but did not get permission to travel to the village. They returned back to Myitkyina on 20th Jan 2015.


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