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March (16) bat Kru,
Jinghpaw Mung, Sinbo myen hpyen dap hka-la-ya (141) Dap Up Lt.Col Soe Thu Ya gaw Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Masat (2) Dap Ba n pu Dap Dung (5) Ginra Pang Hkawn Yang hpe wa htim gasat ai hta shi a hpyen hpung ni si/hkala ai law ai hte Dung (5) Pang Hkawn Yang hpe n lu zing madu ai majaw ma-pa-hka kaw nna a hkyak la na matu shi a dap Sinbo de n htang wa kau shangun ai hpe myit n gut gaya hkrum ai majaw March 13/14/15 (3) na tup shi a dap kata na n'ta (3) hpe sinat kaji kaba hte gap nna jahten kau ai lam na chye lu ai.
Dai mabyin hpe KIA ni sa gap ai re ngu shi a n'tsa de tang madun nga ai lam mung chye lu ai. KIA kaw na gaw htim gasat majan tsep kawp n galaw ai hte tinang Dap Ginra hpe makawp maga ai hkap hkam majan sha galaw nga ai lam mung chye lu ga ai.

There was aggressive intrusion attacked by Burmese army hka-la-ya (141) led by Lt. Col Soe Thu against KIA 5nd Battalion command based in Pang Hkawn Yang, under KIA 2nd brigade. However, Burmese army has suffered huge losses of soldiers in the battle. Thus, Burmese army central command has issued order against him and all his soldiers to return to Sinbo Burmese army based to face charges against him. This team has failed to sized the KIA control areas as planned. Therefore he was embarrassed for his failure mission attacked against KIA. Since then, he opened fired at his own army camp tents on 13 to 15 March 2012 to destroyed it. After he was destroyed its own camp with heavy arms fire, he then reported to the Burmese army central command in Sinbo mentioned it was being destroyed by KIA arms attacked that demolished his own camp to sabotage the villager in KIA control areas. Then truth was reveal, the fact is that KIA troop has not launch any offensive attack against Burmese camps except that self defend against Burmese army intrusion and attacked against KIA and Kachin civilian only. According to KIA frontline reported that KIA troops have not launch any aggressive attached against Burmese army except Burmese army has started to launch major offensive civil war against KIA and Kachin people since 09 June2010 in all over Kachin states in Burma.


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