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April (28) bat Kru

2012 ning April (27) ya shani, Myen Hpyen Dap Hk.M.Y (384) na hpyen hpung ni, Ban Sau Mung mare masha ni a dum nta, arung arai hte mam ni hpe da sang shaw kahkyin la nna, nat kau ya ai lam chye lu ai.

Nat kau hkrum ai dum nta arung arai ni-
(1). Maji La Nu a nta,
(2). Labang Ze Lum a nta,
(3). U Chit Shwe a nta,
(4). Shadan Di a nta,
(5). Marip Naw Ja a nta hte mam dang (200) jan, Mam Htu Jak(1) Cycle(1), Rai Chwi Jak(1), Jinma Jak(1),
(6). Maji Brang a nta,
(7). Jang Ma Tu a nta hte Cycle(1)
(8). Gaw Sharawt Rung nta hte mam dang (100) jan, Gu Dawng(1), Shat Gawk(1),
Mare ting na mam dang yawng (500) daram nat kau ya ai lam chye lu ai. (Kashinnet)

 There was a inhumane acts of the Burmese military battalion troop Dap Hk.M.Y (384) intentionally burned and ruined many home in Ban Sau Mung village. The soldiers have eagerly gathered all the villagers belongings, rice and food supplies before very eye of the villagers torched to ruined. The following household name lists homes are being burned and ruined by merciless fire torched intentional by Burmese military. This is clearly ethnic cleansing order instructed by regime government and Burmese military against Kachin people. Therefore we call upon the world communities, UN,EU,UK and USA to stop Burmese military brutality and help affect Kachin internally displaced people in our own country.

According Kachinnet, KIA news media reported, the following homes, property, rice and supplies  and belonging being intentionally burned and ruined by cruel Burmese Military.

(1). Mr Maji La Nu’s home
(2). Mr Labang Ze Lum’s home
(3). Mr Chit Shwe’s home
(4). Mr Shadan Di’s home
(5). Mr Marip Naw Ja’s  home and over dang (200) paddy, Padi refinery machine (1), motor cycle (1), cloth Sewing machine (1), Jinma generator (1)
(6). Mr Maji Brang’s home
(7). Mr Jang Ma Tu’s  home and  motor cycle (1)
(8). Community Development’s home and over dang ( 100) paddy,  storage building (1), Kitchen (1),
total paddy  about dang (500) donated by the villagers were being burned and ruined by Burmese military.

Dang = unit of Measurement equal to approximately 16 kilogram  


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