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June (26) bat Lahkawng
Wunpawng Mungdan Shanglawt Asuya Dingdung Ginwang Ginjaw Dap Ba (1) uphkang Ginra ra hta June (24) ya kawn Mali Hka kaba wa ai majaw buga masha ni hte ja htu ja shap nga ai ni jam jau hkrum nga ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. Mali hka daru mare rai nga ai Bum Run mare mung hka lim ai lam hte hpaga la ni a ja htu jak ni mung hka lim mat ai lam matut na chye lu ai. Ya na zawn marang htu ai lam n nga ai sha Mali hka tung kaba wa ai a majaw buga ma sha ni jam jau hkrum nga ai lam shiga na chye lu ai. N Mai Hka mung lai wa sai (2004) ning hka kaba ai shadang hta lalam (3) tsaw jat nna kaba ai lam matut na chye lu ai.

There was a dreadful flooding on 24 June 2012, wash way Bum Run village in 1st Brigade KIA control territory according to village reported. Suddent rise of Malihka river that caused severe flood and destroyed villeger’s homes and gold mining operations in that areas. However there was no heavy downfall of rain around the region but suprisingly high wave of flood water caused terrible destruction to villagers livelyhood. The flood has also destroyed goldmine machines and equipments that stop their daily works. The villagers are shortage of food supplies and fear of their lifes and  future. According report cited that this year flood water level is extremely higher than year 2004 flood water level.


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